Job Seeker Services

Working with Koralogix

There are many superb companies in the US you can go to work for. Koralogix is your connection to many of the nation's most desirable employers.

Beyond simply getting you a job, we desire to help you find a fulfilling career position that is the next best step towards your ultimate career objective. We believe your next job should provide the following set of benefits:

Based on your interests and aptitudes, we will share jobs that match your career ambitions and timing. We only represent companies that offer our candidates an excellent work experience. We work with contractors as well as those seeking full-time employment.


Contracting is an excellent way to work with current technologies on new and interesting projects for a variety of organizations within a single or diverse set of industries. Often contractors are more highly paid than their FTE counterparts. Koralogix offers some of the highest pay rates in the industry and seeks to place you in jobs that match all your criteria. Send your resume now and let us know when you anticipate your current assignment to end.

Full-time Employees

If you are seeking full-time employment, or open to considering opportunities for advancement, one of our Career Advisors will be happy to discuss your options with you. Together, we will help you brand yourself correctly and devise the best job search strategy. In addition, many of the employers we represent are continuously seeking the very best people to add to their team, whether they have a current opening or not. Apply on line then call to schedule a time to discuss your career goals and our clients’ current/future job opportunities.

We never send your resume to anyone without first gaining your permission. You can rest assured that we fully respect your privacy and right to control of your job search.

Any time we contact you, whether by phone or email, we are always discrete and completely protect your confidentiality.